William Brown

Currently residing in Dallas, TX, I often find myself wandering into the kitchens of the world's greatest restaurants. A cook by trade, I've taken my sketches as a way to transition the work of other chefs into an expanding gallery of new techniques, ingredients, plating styles, and trends. I work mainly in pencil, ink, and marker, utilizing small sketchbooks that fit into an apron pocket, or a backpack with the rest of my portable studio.

The designs began during my time at Johnson & Wales as a Food Service Management student, completing my Bachelor's Degree in 2017. Since then I've had the pleasure of meeting chefs the world over, and being able to share my work with the top culinarians. Although 99% of my work is done at my own discretion, my most recent commissioned pieces hang at John Tesar's Knife in Plano, TX. Although you can also find some of my work in Napa, Providence, New York City, and Dallas. On rare occasions, I have been known to cut original pieces right from the pages of my books as gifts, notably near the front door at Nonesuch in OKC, in the hands of Thomas Keller, and displayed at Chez Pascal in Providence (and on the packaging for their line of Chezprons). This weirdly niche hobby is ever expanding with new projects and opportunities arising daily, keep an eye out for new collaborations around the globe.

You can also find out more by reading about my work in Food & Wine, Modern Luxury, The Dallas Morning News, and Nom Magazine.

Local chef and illustrator William Brown displaying his drawing skills. Dallas Morning News